Stock Wildlife Photo List
We continually add to our library, however it is impossible to list every genre
and detail of every available stock photo.  As such, this list is not
comprehensive of every photo and topic in the library.  If you require any
photos but do not see the genre on this list, please email the photographer
directly with your request.
Birds of New Zealand (Alphabetically)

Fantail--Pied Phase, Black Phase, Closeup, Perching, Plume display

Harrier (Australasian)--Perching

Heron (White-Faced)--Flying, Hunting, Striking, With Crab in Mouth, Plumage, Reflection In Water,
                             Profile, Wading, Silhouette, Marshland Habitat
Heron (White)--Flying, Hunting, Striking, Wading, Plumage

Kea Parrot--Flying, Perching, Interaction with Humans and Cars, Pecking, Plumage, Closeup

Kingfisher--Hunting, Perching, Flying, Multiple birds, Hunting, Crab, Prey in Mouth, Water Reflection,
                    Watching for Prey,
Oystercatcher (Pied)--Wading, Hunting

Oystercatcher (Variable)--Wading, Hunting, Multiple Birds, Sleeping with Bill Tucked, Perching on
                                                   One Leg, Stretching
Shag (aka Cormorant) (Little)--Perching, Stretching, Intermediate/Adult Phase

Shag (aka Cormorant) (Pied)--Multiple Birds, Landing on Water, Perching, Flying, Wings
                                                           Outstretched, Drying Wings
Shag (aka Cormorant) (Spotted)--Perching, Closeup, Plumage, Cliff Habitat

Silvereye--Perching, Multiple Birds

Sparrow (House)--Perching

Spoonbill (Royal)--Wading, Flying, Flocking, Multiple Birds, In Profile

Spur-Winged Plover--Wading, Profile, Multiple Birds

Stilt (Pied)--Wading, Hunting, Striking

Swallow (Common)--Flying, Preening, Plumage, Perching, Multiple Birds, Closeup

Tern (Caspian)--Flying, Hunting, Diving into Water, Breeding Plumage

Tern (White-Fronted)--Flocking, Perching, Flying
Mammals of New Zealand

Fur Seal--Baby, Profile, Sleeping, With Human Expressions (winking, etc.)
                Closeup, Barking, Stretching, Scratching, Humor
Birds of the United States

Dove (Mourning)--Perching

Hawk (Redtailed)--Flying, Wings, Winter Plumage

Goose (Canadian)--Flying, Perching, Sleeping, Multiple Birds

Eagle (Bald)--Immature, Mature, Flying, Perching