New Zealand Pigeon
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A NZ Pigeon temporarily looses its head while stretching and preening
A New Zealand Pigeon sits in a willow as the setting sun turns the surrounding forrest yellow
Apparently embarrassed because of its lack of eloquent song, a NZ Pigeon hides its head under a wing
At first glance a NZ Pigeon appears to be singing, but the bird was in fact stretching, as it made no sound
Profile head-shot of a NZ Pigeon
Front-on perspective of a NZ Pigeon eating, illustrating the offset mandible
A NZ Pigeon's head buried in a profusion of flowing NZ willow leaves
Detailed close-up of a NZ pigeon eating leaves
Minute feather detail and iridescent color of a NZ Pigeon
Portrait profile of a NZ Pigeon, revealing a beautiful array of iridescent plumage
The NZ Pigeon is Endemic to New Zealand and quite common in wooded native bush
A NZ Pigeon puffs out its chest