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An adult Caspian Tern, a Protected Rare Native species
An adult Caspian Tern recoveres from a Plunge Dive that began 40 feet above
An adult Caspian Tern, ruffles its feathers mid-flight, shaking off water after diving into the water
Adult Caspian Tern, with its massive orange beak, glides along the coast near Nelson, New Zealand
Adult Caspian Tern begins another dive as the sun sets near Nelson, New Zealand
Adult Caspian Tern in black-capped breeding plumage pins its wings back in the instant before impacting the water
Adult Caspain Tern, with a full black cap of breeding plumage, patrols the coastline near Nelson, New Zealand
A Caspian Tern in non-breeding plumage watches the ebb tide along Nelson's coast, New Zealand
A Caspian Tern wheels into a plunge-dive
Moments before diving, a Caspian Tern hovers above the water, picking out its prey in the ocean below
Symmetrical wingbeats frame the Caspian Tern's characteristically massive orange beak
Wild wingbeats maneuver this Caspian Tern with agility
A Caspian Tern breaks from its hover position to dive into the ocean below
A Caspian Tern wings away with a partially-swallowed small fish after a successfull dive
A Caspian Tern displays its full black head plumage, indicating it is breeding
Side profile of a breeding Caspian Tern illustrates its wings' air-foil aerodynamics